“We had the honour of having Laura take some family photos. I really cherish the ‘romantic’ pictures that Laura took of my husband and I, and I am in love with the pictures she took of my baby. Taking pictures of a crawling, wiggling, teething, rambunctious nine month old is no easy task but Laura managed and excelled at taking the cutest candid shots. I really appreciate that she was patient and took the time for me to comfort and feed my baby when necessary so that she was able to capture the moments when he was happiest. Laura’s relaxed and friendly personality allowed us to feel comfortable and natural while she snapped some shots of us. The amazing photos she took of us are documented proof of the talent she has. We love Laura and her photography skills!”

–Natalie — Wife to Rhys, Mama to Caedmon.

“Laura’s energetic and friendly energy allowed us to feel at ease with showing our natural personality. We had so much fun with the shoot, and are so pleased with her originality and creative touch. I can’t wait to see what she will do with the wedding!”

– Heather and Jeremiah